Plant-based diets, planet power, and the patriarchy: A study on food and identity

University essay from Lunds universitet/Socialantropologi

Abstract: Much research has been done on the sustainability of food consumption in the science sphere, but the research on social sustainability and plant-based diets are lacking in anthropology. This thesis aims to investigate how cultural perceptions affect what we choose to eat and if these perceptions can be challenged for the sake of sustainability. The analysis of the paper is based on a literature review of the previous research in combination with empirical research on the topic. The findings show that societal structures guide food choices on a macro-level as well as individual notions of identity on a micro-level. The structures on the macro levels are permeating society, and to achieve a sustainable solution, there is a need for an ideological change. Since the two levels are integrated, there is much potential for sustainable trends on the micro-level to inspire change on the macro level.

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