Project Ecoist : Conceptual design of the sheet-metal chassis for athree-wheel electrical vehicle

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad; Högskolan i Halmstad

Author: Christian Thomas; Anne-li Lundqvist; [2017]

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Abstract: Purpose The aim of the thesis is to aid the project Ecoist in further developing a chassiswhich needs be manufactural with reliable dimensions to prepare for a small pilotbatch of units. Dimensions are intended to fluctuate at a minimum to greatly reduceorcompletely remove the need for correcting actions during assembly. Approach To create a viable and functional product proposal, a thorough investigation of legalrequirements and previously published material regarding chassis development was conducted. This information was then translated and integrated with the customer requirements provided during the initial consultation at the company. A draft of the intended product was designed through different CAD-software based on thisinformation, which then in turn was further developed by multiple feedback sessions with the project owner. Findings The resulting product features a concept primary designed through sheet-metalbased solutions, but also includes a lesser amount of complementary solutionsbased on pre-fabricated square pipes and a ready-made clamp system which was integrated into the structure, for economic benefit. Limitations The information acquired from the investigation of legal requirements have been regarded to as a foundation to improve the product quality, with respect to e.g. user’s functional- and perceived safety, and to pioneer for future certification. However, due to the business concept and the available timeframe, an internationalcertification for making the vehicle eligible for the common commercial marketwas omitted. Furthermore, the FEM verification of the final product was postponed to future work resulting from inadequate software licensing levels, which disabled full access to the required functions. The safety-measures and dimensions aredesigned at the discretion the previous experience of the project owner.

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