The Swedish Trade Council : Access to knowledge - a core driver in the success of international business

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


Problem: The information-supply for companies that venture abroad is greater than ever before, however, the sort of information available is seldom exhaustive. Much of the information a company needs when venturing out on a new market can not be accessed on the market, but the knowledge needed is developed in the cooperation with other actors. Therefore, this thesis has come to focus on whether access to knowledge is a core driver in the success of international business.

Purpose: Against a background of companies’ need of knowledge and networks when venturing abroad, the purpose of this thesis is to describe the strategic operations of the Swedish Trade Council on the American market, in relation to their cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C. This, to be able to assess if this type of cooperation creates efficiency and effectiveness, in the objective to offer Swedish companies market information and a vast network abroad.

Method: A literary research-summary was made by the author to gain knowledge in the field of internationalization, knowledge, and networks. As the primary source of information, the author conducted a number of interviews, which in turn was analyzed in relation to the academic theories within the field. Based upon this information further research was conducted and additional information sought to gain a deeper understanding for the issue of the study, so that the author would be able to describe the entity in relation to its context

Result: The problem comes down to how to make the right knowledge available for the companies, and that problem increases in the lack of contacts with information that is not obtainable out on the market. Active relationships within networks, such as the one STC has with the embassy, are crucial. It gives them the opportunity to act as a broker, creating a leverage for the companies the serve, through the knowledge and network they can provide them on the foreign market.


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