Rhapsody on small processor platforms

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik

Author: Per-oskar Andersson; [2008]

Keywords: UML; Rhapsody; Code-Generation; AVR;


Rhapsody is a Model-Driven Development (MDD) tool for embedded and real-time system design. The purpose of this thesis is to determine if Rhapsody can be used for software development on small processor platforms such as the Atmel AVR. Rhapsody is normally used on platforms running an operating system. Therefore certain adaptations are needed in order to use it on platforms without an operating system. These adaptations and their affect on the usability of the tool, advantages and disadvantages are all studied while porting AVR-software to Rhapsody on one of CC Systems products, the robust on-board computer CC Pilot XL II.

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