Battery energy storage systems in Sweden : A national market analysis and a case study of Behrn sport arena

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Abstract: The renewable energy sources increase the volatility on theelectricity market. To manage the quick variations battery energystorage systems (BESS), together with other storing solutions, willbe required in the future. Depending on which level in the grid thebattery is placed, it can serve different purposes. In this report amarket analysis is conducted, which examine the performance ofbattery storages installed in Sweden. Further on, a simulation, withPV-panels and a battery, was performed at Behrn Arena in Örebro. From the market analysis it was shown that the majority of therespondents had used, or will use, their battery for peak shaving.This function is particularly meaningful for customers with a powertariff, which is the case for Behrn Arena. The simulated systemdecreased their yearly cost due to the power tariff with 70 000 SEKand the total electricity bill decreased with 155 000 SEK. For the batteries to be more profitable in the future, the batteryprice needs to decrease or the number of revenue streams need toincrease. One revenue with great potential is frequency regulation,which has proven its efficiency in other countries.

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