Aerodynamic Design in Axial Turbine for Heavy Duty Applications

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för Energivetenskaper

Abstract: Turbomachinery design is based on multiple physical thermodynamical relations and fluid mechanics. Software implementing these relations in computing fluid flows have been broadly accessible since the 1990’s and has also become more applied to turbomachinery design. However, the software is unfortunately a large expense on research and development departments. Cambridge Professor Emeritus John D. Denton released his self developed turbomachinery design software and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver, MULTALL, in 2017 making it freely accessible to the public and this software has been examined if it is a suitable tool for replacing an existing design tool. The software is has in this thesis been applied to a single stage axial turbo compound turbine used in heavy duty trucks. The goal was to both examine the design procedure in the software and evaluate the performance by comparing it to an existing base design. A parameter study for a possible electrical turbo compound unit was made and two designs for an electrical turbo compound application was made. The implementation of and electric turbo compound unit increases the overall efficiency as the turbo compound turbine can freely choose the revolution speed. The calculations obtained in the software has been validated through CFD software STAR-CCM+ and the performance obtained in MULTALL has been very accurate compared to results from STAR-CCM+. The performance comparison to the base turbine design has been in the order of 1% point as difference.

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