Gaps in Refugee Protection: A Case Study on Denmark’s Implementation of Gender-Guidelines in the Asylum System

University essay from Malmö universitet/Fakulteten för kultur och samhälle (KS)

Abstract: In recent years, focus has been on asylum policies in the context of the growing numbers of asylum seekers arriving to Denmark but not much attention has been paid to the individual situations of women seeking asylum in Denmark. This thesis presents a case study on the Danish asylum system that has been analyzed using a comparative legal analysis, examining what international legal norms Denmark has implemented into the asylum system in practice. Using critical frame analysis, dominant frames and underlying narratives were identified in asylum practices, demonstrating the negative consequences female asylum seekers experience as a result. Although, great improvements have been made by Denmark, the analysis proved that there still exists gaps in the protection of women seeking asylum. This includes the recognition of gender-related grounds for asylum, gender-sensitive procedures in application assessment, and the gender responsive reception circumstances. Furthermore, this study concludes that Denmark still has steps to take to fully adopt gender-guidelines into practice, and that (non-) application of gender-guidelines and gender-sensitive approaches has negative consequences for women seeking asylum in Denmark.

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