Teaching Spoken English in upper secondary schools : Teaching Spoken English in upper secondary schools (grade 12) in capital of Ghazni province, Afghanistan

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Author: Khesraw Rasa; [2015]

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During the last three decades of the 1990s the Afghan education system had been hugely changed and nearly destroyed through controversial political situation in Afghanistan. However, in 2001 when new government was established the education system has dramatically changed and improved. Since, the government of Afghanistan is mainly supported by international community and the effect of globalization is also seen in education system of Afghanistan.

So, English language got special attention to be learnt professionally by Afghan students. Therefore, I selected to investigate one of the important skills of language learning (teaching spoken English) because many of the students when they graduate form grade 12 are unable to speak English fluently. In this area my focus is on the methods teachers use for teaching spoken English. To investigate the topic I have selected two data collection tools, questionnaire and classroom observation. Through the questionnaire it can be understood what kind of methods English teachers state that they use for teaching speaking English whereas by classroom observation it can be known what methods teachers actually use.

Main findings of this study indicate that, teachers mostly use role play and group discussion methods for teaching spoken English. Moreover, around half of the teachers use conversation or interview method for teaching spoken English. Findings also show that, teachers use these methods by active involvement of all the students in the learning process. The result of the study shows that, teachers mainly use two methods, role play and group discussion and they involve all students in activities to enhance their speaking skill of English language.

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