Conceptual Design of AM Container for “3D-Printer Cloud” Close to Customer Site : Plant-in-the-box

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Maskinkonstruktion

Abstract: This is a master thesis about the Plant-in-the-box concept. The master thesis is to develop initial requirements and an initial layout to further investigate the concept. Plant-in-the-box in combination with the Vertical Workshop concept are a part of the “Digitalization @ PS”–Initiative, at Siemens, that started in October 2015 and forms a way of portable and flexible workshops. Plant-in-the-box is based on the idea to have a Additive Manufacturing, AM, machine with all its surrounding systems and equipment in a container which can easily be shipped to a new destination if desired. This AM container can then be combined with other containers containing anything from machinery for cutting processing to desktop stations and equipment for climate control. The set of containers are organized in a Vertical Workshop, where the containers can be slipped into a rack which supports the multi-storage workshop with accessibility and the necessary media. The Vertical Workshop can easily be deployed close to customer and as a part of a 3DPrinter Cloud provide a network of  production units placed on strategic locations.

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