Quality Evaluation in transformation of event logs into visual representations

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: Software products play an important role in everyday life of people from daily operations to more critical one. Nowadays, we are witnessing the increasing demands for software quality as a powerful mean to determine the success or failure of a software product. Accordingly, in safety-critical applications the role of the software quality is more highlighted and important. Therefore, during the design and implementation of such software there should be quality control to ensure the certain level of quality for the final product. To that end, applying quality to both the development process and the final product is needed. The current work put efforts on reviewing related literatures on different concepts like, crisis management, geovisualization, software product quality and different quality standards. Among different quality standards the appropriate one which is ISO/IEC 9126 is being discussed and applied to a prototype which is developed to ease the processing and monitoring the event logs. An experiment is designed and ran to evaluate the quality of the developed prototype. In the experiment two different groups of subjects participated and were given same tasks to perform and the result of the report is presented in the current thesis.

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