A Cultural Landscape: Økern

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Emma Moberg; [2020]

Keywords: Cultural landscape; transformation; oslo;

Abstract: The project analyses a cultural landscape and depicts the layers of culture, urbanity and making in its previous alterations. The proposal considers Økern, a post-industrial area north east of Oslo, due for a large densification process, becoming part of the central city. Through analysis of Økern’s layered history and its requirements for the future, the thesis proposes to reinscribe paths of public, residential and productive qualities.  The analysis begins by mapping the different characters the landscape has played through a drawn survey. The scheme responds to the survey in proposing a new connective path and a series of spaces that are public, residential and producing. The proposal consists of a garden and communal space, the transformation and improvement of an existing factory building and a public passage giving access to the high street of the area. The scheme is a contextual addition to the pedestrian, residential and public grain of Økern. It is specific in its interventions on the site, working with the existing landscape, the need for public space and the local functions present in the area. The thesis also aims to contribute on a general level with an attitude of care and sustainability, proposing precise and well informed insertions in the transformation of cities today.

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