Cancelling the Callouts : The ‘Dramageddon’ of 2019 and the Effects of Cancel Culture Online

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Abstract: The guiding questions of this thesis aim to target particularities of ‘call out’ or ‘cancel’ culture - an internet phenomenon primarily dominant through social media - and fill in gaps within the literature pertaining to such online culture. Although adhering to the digital sphere, its repercussions beyond the screen are observed through the ‘dramageddon’ of 2019, the cancellation events of YouTuber influencer James Charles. This thesis seeks out to apply participatory culture and symbolic interaction theories as well as accompanying concepts through a qualitative approach. The data collected consists of a blend of media content analysis of Twitter posts known as ‘receipts’ and interviews with three YouTubers as well as a Social Media expert. The results depict cancel culture to be associated with expected themes of justice, resentment, drama or entertainment value and group mentality as well as the offline ramifications. Unexpected themes also surface during data collection and will be further explored. Concluding remarks of this essay concern a summary of discussed implications of cancel culture from the view of netizens as well as suggestions for future prevention of such events.   

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