Key Account Management Practices in Home Appliance Industry of Pakistan

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


Abstract Key account management (KAM) is considered as an important marketing trend since last few years. The purpose of this thesis orients to the discussion about key account management practices from selling company’s perspectives in home appliance market of Pakistan. The study is carried through with four steps: elements of key accounts management, identification and analysis of key accounts, strategies for key accounts, and operational level capabilities used in key account management for profitable and long lasting relationships with key accounts. Basing on the literature review, the basic four elements for KAM practices are described. This study suggests a framework for KAM practices in terms of basic elements of KAM regarding its implementation in home appliance market of Pakistan. It also, explores a relationship between the elements of KAM framework with practices in the home appliance market of Pakistan. Four questions are answered in this study. First, four basic elements of KAM are described from the literature: 1) Identifying 2) analyzing 3) selecting suitable strategies and 4) developing operational level capabilities for key accounts. Second, dealer’s sales volume, showroom size and location, and dealer’s reputation are the identifying factors whereas analyzing factors are found regular sales invoices, expected sales share, and key account’s ability to solve end user’s problems. Third, administrative and dominant strategy is opted in the market and threats are utilized rather than promises within the relationships. Fourth, quality product with strong customer pull, effective after-sales-services, and KAM manager’s skills and abilities are regarded as operational capabilities for profitable and long-lasting relationships with key accounts in home appliance market of Pakistan. The findings are based on the empirical data acquired through questionnaire survey from Dawlance which is a market leader in home appliance market of Pakistan. This research contributes in two ways. First, it helps Dawlance to focus and prioritize the factors that are being neglected regarding identification, analysis, selecting suitable relationship strategies and operational level capabilities used in KAM. Secondly, the findings will be considered a source of information about Dawlance success for other selling companies willing to adopt KAM program in home appliance market of Pakistan.

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