3D-Printed Geodesic Reflective Luneburg Lens Antenna for X-Band

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: With the rise of 5G and the increasing number ofdevices, novel antenna designs are needed to meet the demandof the future. In this report, the authors present a design andexperimental verification of a 3D-printed Geodesic ModulatedReflective Luneburg lens antenna working at the X-Band, 8-12GHz. The lens profile is calculated from the refractive index of aflat system using transformation optics. Furthermore, the lens ismodulated to minimize the height and chamfers are implementedto reduce reflections. A sliding waveguide connected to a coaxialcable is used to excite the lens while the transmitted signal isradiated from a sinusoidal flare. A copper-lined PLA substrateconstitutes the 3D-printed lens. The authors achieved a S11 below-10 dB across the spectrum and a realized gain exceeding 10 dBacross the sweeping angles at 12 GHz, showcasing the usabilityas a directed antenna.

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