Incorporating Safety Requirements using Patterns in ArchWiz Tool : Safety requirements in Archwiz tool

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Author: Zafarahmad Bhatti; [2011]

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Abstract: Usability Supporting Architectural Patterns (USAP) has already introduced a concept in software architecture for coping usability issues in better style and revealing its obscured dimensions. A support is also needed to develop the safety systems in such a way that they employ the same rules and get a better understanding of safety, its requirements and the architecture. A way to determine safety requirements from the patterns and working with the responsibilities of patterns was the aim for this thesis report. On the other hand, a useful tool with the name “ArchWiz” was to be developed further from its prototypical form-an assisting tool for architects to look for requirements and evaluation of their architecture. The mature development of ArchWiz tool, and incorporating the safety perspective with respect to USAP vogue was also the goal of the thesis. In a development process, architecture designing is a crucial and vital part of software system. During architecture designing process very first decisions and information are gained to validate if the system has the potential to meet its requirements and intended behaviours. Along with other important quality attributes, safety architecture has played an important role in developing today’s critical software and automated systems. These safety issues especially in software architecture are to protect, recover, discover and mitigate the hazards, faults, failures and catastrophic perils. The deficiency and obscurity of these inherent dangers can be reduced by understanding the safety in general and analysing its requirements from unseen perspectives. Later, these requirements can be traced into the architecture of a similar system as a knowledge base or experience gained. Architectural patterns and their investigation in safety provide a broad horizon for requirement and solution in various aspects. They help to bring out the requirements in refined way and in general manners too. The report, therefore, presents the suggestion to formalize the suggestions in safety with respect to requirement engineering in architectural context as well as reusable solution for these issues; alike in USAP style.

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