Policies for RECP and CP in the Georgian Industry: Policy Scenario built on an ex-ante policy evaluation of the Georgian system for environmental protection

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: Georgia is facing social and economic challenges and at the same time there are signs that more pressure is put on the environment and natural resources. Georgian industry is energy- intense and encompassing deregulations have put even more stress on the environment. How to combine economic and social goals with environmental concerns has been a hotbed for disputes in Georgia. A recognized approach to promote the goals of Sustainable Development, while at the same time utilizing economic savings for both industry and society, is Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP). This concept suggests using market-based strategies in parallel with informative strategies and administrative instruments in order to promote pollution prevention at source and an efficient use of resources. This thesis proposes a feasible RECP policy scenario to promote a wider implementation of RECP in the Georgian industry while investigating the conditions for RECP in the current Georgian system for environmental protection. The potential for RECP in the Georgian industry is there, but the conditions to realize it are today low. The condition for RECP in the legal framework and in policymaking is also found low. Extensive capacity-building on a basic level in several areas is needed to improve these conditions. A feasible policy scenario should today rely on activities promoting awareness and advocacy for RECP in parallel with limited pollution control in order not to drive too high costs and to make enforcement manageable. Economic charges and fees applied in parallel should be set high enough to function as a deterrent to pollute. Access to finance for RECP investment is believed to be a key to further unfold the RECP potential in the Georgian industry. Successively, the RECP strategies could become more encompassing when the capacity and condition for RECP is improved in industry, the legal framework and in policymaking.

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