Evaluating Supportive Formsfor Physicians

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Anton Björsell Anton Björsell; [2018]

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Abstract: In 2017, almost 1 out of 10 medical certificates regarding sick leave needed additional completion since the judging authority, Försäkringskassan, deemed that they lacked critical information. This is considered a big pain for both health care, Försäkringskassan and the patient, since it prolongs the process and claims additional resources. To help physicians write better medical certificates, the company Inera has investigated the possibility of supportive functionality in the issuing form. The idea is that when a physician writes the certificate, the web form will have one or more tools to help phrase the content in a more high-quality manner. In collaboration with Inera, Uppsala Region and EPJ (part of Uppsala Region), this study evaluated four different prototypes of said supportive functionalities for physicians. Both the perspectives of project stakeholders, end users (physicians) and Försäkringskassan were considered. The method included 12 usability evaluations and post-evaluation interviews, a usercentered workshop, and an expert review of the generated certificates (byFörsäkringskassan). Additionally, three stakeholder interviews were held with the representatives of the project, as well as a heuristic evaluation of the prototypes’design. The theoretical foundation was mainly based on the concept of UserExperience and how user interfaces should be designed in respect to perception and visual principles. Conclusively, the results indicate that physicians prefer supportive tools that are semi-automatic. A tool that is fully automated feels somewhat insecure, even if the time saving features are appreciated. One of the important findings is the need of user empowerment, meaning that the users prefer supportive web form functionalities where mundane tasks are automated and still gives the user roomfor being the expert.

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