The myth of Total Incorporation? : The case-study of French migrants in Sweden

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Kulturgeografiska institutionen


The myth of total incorporation ? The study-case of French immigrants in Sweden.

French individuals cannot be gathered into a « specific » migration pattern, and they are all affected by the process of incorporation into the receiving country. The concept of incorporation refers to the linkages between migrants and institutions of the receiving country as well as the receiving society. French migrants are the studied population because of their particular position in Sweden, perceived as « incorporated » and « privileged » populations. The focus is made on the incorporation process, deconstructed into four key points of analysis such as the working conditions, language, housing conditions and finally the culture. Linking theories to the reality of incorporation is possible through this empirical research, where the first part is dealing with the theories and concepts and the second part relates these concepts and theories with the reality of French migrants via interviews.The outcomes are showing that incorporation is a personal process that cannot be forced, and the tendencies are that migrants unconsciously adopt points from assimilation and integration policies, challenging the myth of total incorporation which classically defines population as incorporated/non-incorporated without taking in account that migrants can be incorporated/non-incorporated according to specific points.

Key words: Incorporation, Assimilation, Integration, Sweden, intra-European migration, international migration.

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