The effect of Brand Heritage on Luxury Value Perception “European vs. American Approach to Luxury”

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Title: The effect of Brand Heritage on Luxury Value Perception: “European vs. American Approach to Luxury’’ Course: BUSN39 Degree Project in Global Marketing Authors: Orkun Aydın and Lusiyana Dimitrova Examiner: Mats Urde Supervisor: Javier Cenamor Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine how brand heritage influences the different dimensions of luxury value perception. We aim to provide an explicit knowledge of the two modes of luxury brand building, the European and American approach to luxury, through the relationship of brand heritage on luxury value perception of customers. Methodology: The authors of this master’s thesis have conducted a quantitative study with a deductive research approach based on an objectivism ontology and a positivist epistemological position. A questionnaire survey was conducted and analyzed through a moderated regression analysis. Theoretical Perspective: The study has been based on a deductive method, thus focused on reviewing areas of literature considered valuable for the research purpose. Hence, the phenomenon of brand heritage within the field of luxury brand building and value perception is explored. Empirical Data: The empirical material on which the analysis is based is obtained from a questionnaire survey of 12 questions answered by 128 participants. Conclusions: The findings that can be drawn from our research are that the brand heritage of luxury brands have a direct influence on all of the four luxury value dimensions perceived by consumers. Moreover, the results showed that the two modes of luxury approaches are perceived similarly.

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