Students’ experiences on eMesimi; an e-learning system in University of Prishtina, Kosova

University essay from Växjö universitet/Matematiska och systemtekniska institutionen

Author: Erdelina Kurti; [2008]

Keywords: elearning; Moodle; Kosova;

Abstract: Nowadays many universities in the world apply technology enhanced learning in order to help students. Due to potentials that technology enhanced learning offers, nowadays education in all contexts is using it and universities in particular are trying to apply it. One such case is the University of Prishtina in Kosova that is subject of this thesis. University of Prishtina as the only public university in Kosova faces challenges when it comes to introduction of technology enhanced learning. Such a case is an initiative of one of the teachers that is called eMesimi. eMesimi is an e-learning system based on Moodle software that is used for offering courses for students in University of Prishtina since 2005. The idea of this research is to investigate students’ experiences using this system, combined with teachers’ opinion regarding the implementation of full scale e-learning system. For this purpose the research was led using the octagonal theoretical model for e-learning. The eight factors in this model have then been grouped in three major domains: educational, technological and organizational. This theoretical model was followed with empirical study using a questionnaire and mail interviews as data collection techniques. The questionnaire data have been collected from 60 students and have targeted issues regarding the educational and technology domain. The mail interviews where conducted with two teachers and addressed all domains, but the technological domain was addressed more from an attitude and requirements perspective. This approach was needed because none of the interviewed teachers have had previous experience with an e-learning system. The analysis of the data shows generally positive attitude among students for an e-learning system, while teachers’ answers raise some important issues that should be taken into consideration while implementing e-learning system.

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