Humans as a terrain - A connection between human terrain systems and neoliberalism

University essay from Lunds universitet/Socialantropologi

Abstract: This thesis tries to connect how the human terrain system is a development of neoliberalism that anthropologists need to consider. I have explained how the history of anthropology has always have had a connection with the military. The problem with anthropology is that anthropologists need a consent from the informants that they use, and this is harder if they use ethnographical methods in a war zone. What some anthropologists argue as a problem is that policy-makers are using a western bias which is founded in human rights which takes no position to the cultural relativity of the region that external parties are trying to stabilize. What I have tried to do is show arguments from both sides and discuss towards my solution. My solution is that anthropologists need to sit down and discuss a new method for how to use applied anthropology.

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