Study and Realisation of Nyquist Rate Filters in Voltage Inverter Switch Technique

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik


Low-sensitivity switched capacitor filters imitating 'R','L' and 'C' can be built by means of capacitances, ordinary switches and voltage inverter switches (VIS). These structures carry the inherent bilinear transformation of their doubly resistively terminated ladder reference filters. This one to one correspondence between the 's-domain' and the 'z-domain' results in the Nyquist criterion being the only limitation on the sampling frequency. This eliminates the necessity for oversampling and VIS filters can be designed for high operating rates.

Filters based on VIS principle were analysed in previous literatures in the 'phi-domain'. In this thesis work, a successful attempt has been made to formulate an analysis procedure for discrete-time filters based on VIS principle in the 'z-domain'. Significant details have been brought out in comparison with the respective reference filter. A fifth-order lowpass filter has been designed and implemented to exhibit the closeness to the bilinearly transformed continuous-time reference filter. Settling time analysis has been done to justify the need for filters using VIS principle as compared to the filters employing integrator based switched capacitor filter. It is shown that VIS filter can be made to settle within half the period required for a conventional integrator based switched capacitor filter.

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