The Internal Corporate Brand Building Process of a Swedish University : Case Study: Linköping University

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Företagsekonomi; Linköpings universitet/Företagsekonomi


Research Purposes:

Brands are one of the important influences on our life that appear everywhere and have great impact on the way we see our world. There are several kinds of brands and numerous perspectives existing about the brand concept. However, the concept of company brand, or corporate brand, is a new topic in the literature and only in 90s was the company brand concept assessed by some communication and branding consultants. Doubtless, one of the most discussed issues in the brand literature is general brand building process. There are many studies that have been done on the general brand building process, regardless the type of the brands, which can be found by Western scholars such as Aaker (1996), de Chernatony (2001), Knox and Bickerton (2003), and Urde (2003). Even though, there are numerous models of the branding process in the literature, the lack of empirical testing has always been the source of critiques for all of them. One of the recent researches on the corporate branding was done by Ted Karlsson, Ph.D. at Umeå University. He divided the internal corporate brand process from general corporate branding process and studied it separately. He came up with a model which is based on the theories mentioned above. However, there are no studies that have been done by scholars on internal corporate brand building process at higher education institutions. The purpose of this thesis is to describe the internal corporate brand building process at Linköping University and, to examine Ted Karlsson’s model for its applicability in LiU case.


The type of the research is descriptive. In order to fulfill the research purpose, the researchers have used the deductive approach and adapted the case study strategy as a research strategy. Both secondary and primary data have been used in the research.


In the conclusion, researchers come up with the model of internal corporate brand building process of LiU. The researchers found that Linköping University has been taking the whole steps of the internal corporate brand building process as it is described in the literature. LiU internal corporate brand building case study approved the reliability and the validity of the model presented by Ted Karlsson in 2006.

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