The black eyes of Bruce Lee : From Normative to Descriptive & Prescriptive Multiculturalism

University essay from Konstfack/Institutionen för Konst (K)


Multiculturalism or cultural pluralism is a policy, ideal, or reality that emphasizes the unique characteristics of different cultures in the world, especially as they relate to one another in immigrant receiving nations. The word was first used in 1957 to describe Switzerland but first came into common currency in Canada in the late 1960s2. It quickly spread to other English- speaking and western developed countries.Although There is no clear link between the multiculturalism and the term that so called Balkanization, But this research tries to present the similar possibility of Multiculturalism discourse and Balkanization as a geopolitical term. In fact this research believes that   balkanization is The same idea of multiculturalism in practice, when it comes to the idea of state. On the other hand Vijay Parshad in his book Everybody was Kung Fu fighting  says that "I am interested in “how an investigation of kung fu can help us move from a limited multicultural framework into an antiracist, polycultural one.”

This is the research and video that has been made about Bruce lee statue in Mostar, the divided city in Bosnia and Herzegovina", as a method of working in hyper- politicized society.

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