NavMem UI Development

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: The elderly population within the European Union is growing where as the amount of caregivers is not. The objective of the NavMem project is to make older citizens more self-sufficient and confident specifically while traveling on foot. This could potentially lead to a more active and social life while decreasing the need of senior citizen care. With this objective in mind the NavMem consortium have up to this point created two separate beta-stage Android applications intended to aid and support the above mentioned target group. The purpose of this thesis project has been to evaluate these applications as well as develop User Interface prototypes in order to improve the Usability and by extension the User Experience of the finalized product. The project was carried out using an iterative and user-centered methodology in order to ensure a final prototype in line with the needs of the target group. The Swedish Stroke Association assisted in putting together a group of test participants that were consulted throughout the project. The project resulted in an assessment of the current applications as well as two prototypes, with the second one being a further development of the first. Decisions made while developing the prototypes are made based on input from the test participants as well as relevant theories within the field of User Interface. The last prototype displayed great improvement regarding Usability, compared to the current applications, as validated by the evaluation process performed. To further ensure a successful final product field tests with larger portions of the target group would need to be conducted. This report however, aims to form the basis and guide the NavMem consortium in their future decision-making regarding the User Interface of the final product.

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