Towards improved construction logistics- BIM opportunities

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser

Abstract: Common problems at the construction site are logistics problems regarding material delays, handling and transfers. At present, there is a very low use of digital tools in the construction industry. The construction sector has low productivity and high costs, and one reason for this is that the industry has not adopted new technology to streamline its processes.   The purpose of this degree project is to investigate how BIM (building information modeling) can facilitate logistics work (for example, the supply of materials) at the construction site. This by first investigating what problems arise in production and then how BIM is used to mitigate these problems. Thus, come up with suggestions for a working method and routines to increase the use of BIM to facilitate logistics and supply production with materials. The aim of this thesis is to identify contractor and suppliers needs and to suggest improved working methods with BIM in order to improve logistics in the production phase. These are the selected research questions: What material flow information is important to make logistics work during production? How can BIM be used to manage material flow information and thereby improve logistics?   The work carried out with a qualitative methodology where the questions asked were open and open-ended questions. Furthermore, the author used a semi-structured interview method. This study are based on five interviews and the respondents interviewed were from both Norrköping and Kalmar.   The results indicate that the information needed for production to flow in a good way and get the logistics to work is information regarding deliveries should be close to the Just In Time principle. This means that the right material is delivered at the right time in the right place. Because much of the craftsman day is spent waiting for materials. The need of the supplier is to get an order with enough information. This needed to report is an early delivery plan to avoid waiting for materials and supplying production with materials.   The study also shows that BIM is used as a support to facilitate logistics at the construction site through the right model that has a structure that works throughout the process. It is important to enter the correct information regarding quantity, dimensions and number. Furthermore, it can be used by connecting the 3D model to time schedule to plan when it suits best with deliveries and optimize with Just In Time deliveries. Thus, the model is also used when planning workplace disposition plans. Keywords- BIM, construction logistics, Just In Time, waste, supply chain management

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