One, Two, Three, Four legged Stools - an exploration in craftmanship

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to explore craftsman- ship, trying to find out how the use of it can become an integrated part of my design process. The initial part of the project is dedicated to research on the top- ic of what craftsmanship is. The research is conducted through literature review, study visits and market research. The project has an exploratory phase whereby I make experiments that attempts to make sense of the findings from the research. The exploratory part uses a hand on iterative approach. The insights gained in the two first parts are then used in the design part of the project. I decide to focus on the craftsmanship related to the material wood and apply it to one of the oldest artefacts that humans have created, and still do new versions of, the Stool. In the process I built 13 stools before deciding on the final designs. Each stool is an exploration and refinement of how to integrate the knowledge about the craftsmanship into the design process. The main insight I gained by working on this project was that the subjective nature of craftmanship implies that the integration of it, into the design process, will be personal, and something that needs to be explored by each individual. The final result is a collection of one, two, three and four legged stools all made of solid Oregon Pine.

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