Modernity & Migration

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för samhälls- och livsvetenskaper



The main objective of this essay is to analyze the challenges caused by today’s modern phenomenon of change in our society and to discuss it in relationship to the process of migration. In doing so I focus on questions like, “what does it really mean when a person becomes a migrant and what does it mean to be the host country?” Becoming a migrant or a host country is a complex process which involves variety of challenges both for individuals and the locality. New inventions are made in the field of science and technology. Societies and social institutions are subjected to change and we undergo several changes or modifications to fit in to this changing system. This makes intigration process more difficult and complex. I feel that the process of accepting and adopting begins from the very first moment in the new society. The one who comes in also brings in new cultural perspectives, new ideologies and beliefs. This establishes the background of plurality which has both positive and negative consequences.    

I believe that every factor from bigger social institutions to minute incidents associated with an individual are of equal importance in understanding society as a whole. So I approach my research question here by considering both micro and macro theorists. I have also referred to migrations history of Sweden which provides general idea of types and mode of migration in the past few decades.   

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