Autonomous networks without the need for infrastructure : A study of zero configuration mesh networks in Linux environments

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för datavetenskap (DV)

Abstract: Autonomous Mesh Networks potentially allows for cheaper networks, of use for impoverished areas with poor infrastructure and little interest from service providers for expansion. The subject of wireless mesh networks is interesting for several reasons. Non-reliance, or at the very least reduced reliance on existing infrastructure and service providers gives more control of a network to the users and their communities. These kinds of networks are however conceived to be quite complex to set up, manage and maintain. The goal of this paper was to create an autonomous network without any need for infrastructure, that was relatively easy to configure, use, and performs well. The implementation technique used succeeds at reaching these goals. The script and environment that was constructed makes it easy to set up and join nodes into the network, and the network can increase and decrease in size without affecting the core functionality of the network. The implementation for automatic host discovery makes it simple for anyone with a small amount of knowledge to find and communicate with other hosts, and the network has proven to be resilient to some common ways of tampering.

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