TEACHING COMPUTER SCIENCE WITHOUT COMPUTER : Teaching Computer Science in Afghan Secondary Schools

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Karlstads universitet

Author: Ajmal Seendani; [2013]

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Computers have become so significant in todays’ world, most of the people use such kind of technology for different purposes in their life: such as computing, designing, calculation and so on. This kind of technology can help the teachers and students in learning process, or we can say that they can be used as a facilitator of the learning process.

This study circulates on how the teachers teach computer science in Afghan schools grade (10 to 12), although there are no computers in the classrooms and students just have textbooks for learning computer science. The teachers teach computer theoretically.

The study was conducted in 30 schools of six provinces of Afghanistan, the study was conducted based on quantitative research method using questionnaire for both teachers and students, because of security and some cultural problems just a few female teachers and students participated in the study and filling the questionnaires


The study found that majority of teachers and more than half of the students believed that computer science is important in all parts of life; majority of the participants has no access to computers in their schools. Because of having no access to computers textbooks of CS are taught through lecture and group work methods. Additionally, teachers believed that textbooks of CS is useful but have some problems and students believed that these textbooks are so useful.

Finally, both teachers and students in this study have faced many problems in the field of CS, so MoE should undertake their problems and provide facilities such as computer labs, professional teachers and so on.

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