Household product refills as a solution to single-use packaging: Developing The Theory of Retailer Care

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: This research seeks to explore and understand retailers’ perspectives, realities, and actions regarding refill systems for household products. The reader can ponder not an answer to a question but rather grasp a deeper understanding of the retailers’ role within refill systems, as well as the feasibility of reducing single-use packaging for household products with a goal to reduce waste. Through conducted interviews with retailers, the following categories surrounding refill systems emerged and were explored: drivers, barriers, attitudes, current practices, and future practices. Utilising the Grounded Theory Method, the analysis of the data led to the development of The Theory of Retailer Care. This theory presents that through caring, retailers can drive vertical and horizontal change, along with pressuring and influencing behaviours of consumers and manufactures which in turn support the retailer’s business model.

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