Brăila- The tale of a city (re)defined by water

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Abstract: The city of Brăila, Romania, has been undergoing a lot of changes in the last two decades, but as the city is shrinking there is a new initiative to change the current paradigm and to reinvent the city. This process starts with the creation of an urban system with the neighboring city of Galați that will attract more funds from a regional and national level. The first steps have been taken in this direction through the green light that was given for the built of a bridge over the Danube and an airport between the two cities. In this context, the cities will attract new business and will become an intermodal node for transportation. My project aims to address the challenges that the city will be confronted with as all the new developments are planned for the northern part of the city, as well as, to provide sustainable ways of living in a flood-prone area. It tries to offer solutions to the challenge of recreating the local identity in a forgotten and neglected part of the city. The rich and diverse history of this city is intertwined with the river Danube and it needs to remain visible in a forever changing world.

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