Selling hope in Mozambique: Corporate framing and future forecasting of the natural gas development project Mozambique LNG

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Author: Sonya Cunningham Oldenvik; [2019-01-31]

Keywords: LNG; framing; Mozambique;

Abstract: The discovery of large quantities of natural gas just off the Northern Mozambican coasthas stirred much speculation about what the findings will mean for the country’s economy,people and environment. The aim of this research is to identify how the future ofMozambique, as a result of natural gas development, is being framed by the consortiumMozambique Liquified Natural Gas (henceforth referred to as Mozambique LNG). Equallyimportant is understanding what is being left out or downplayed in these framings. This isachieved by performing a comparative framing analysis which entails identifying framesfound on the consortium’s website through a manual coding scheme. Those frames arethen compared with research that frame possible futures for the Mozambican gasdevelopment using analytical forecasting tools. The main findings include how theconsortium Mozambique LNG frame potential benefits for the people and economy ofMozambique, and exposes a lack of consideration for the effort needed to realize the futurethey have framed. The conclusion ought to be that informed positioning and decisionmakingrequire that optimistic corporate framings are balanced by looking outside theframe’s edges, at a wider spectrum of considerations.

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