Digital Sustainability Outsourcing Assessment

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: The growing interest in the business environment for sustainable products and services coupled with regulatory mandates have led corporate to shift their focus towards sustainability as a vital part of organizational strategy. The intrinsic aspects handling the environmental, economic and social concerns, are now catalyzed with technology. Exploring sustainability through the digital lens is increasingly becoming the hot subject of discussion in multiple forums, better defined as the concept of digital sustainability. In parallel, digital transformation, led by advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence, big data analytics and IoTs, is creating unprecedented disruptions in society, industry and organizations. This study aimed to explore whether organizations are ready to take up digital transformation to meet their sustainability challenges. And if yes, whether they collaborate with external service providers. A mixed-method approach was adopted to conduct semi-structured interviews with specialized sustainability experts supported by survey results acquired from sustainability and digitalization practitioners. Overall, the findings concurred with formulated research questions that most organizations are ready to incorporate digital sustainability but lack clear direction to proceed forward. A theoretical construct for managing any technology outsourcing projects could be extended to the collaborated outsourcing of digital sustainabil-ity-specific engagement as well.

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