Implementing New Generation Catalog in an Academic Library : Users’ Views and Wishes

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för informatik (IK)

Abstract: In an accelerating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) environment, academic libraries’ catalogs have always been part of students’ and faculty members journey of resources discovery. The master thesis intents to focus its interest in Information Systems (IS) ground related to the implementation of a new search engine at the University of Piraeus Library. The Library wants to change the search features of its traditional online services and to implement a new discover tool with Web 2.0 characteristics. The aim of this master thesis is to investigate users’ views and desires interest according to their scholarly needs and expectations about VuFind in order to facilitate the Library to customize the integration. Therefore, critical systems theory will be employed for “therapeutic” reasons to enlighten the Library’s users about their current situation. Qualitative analysis is expected to recognize discrimination against traditional Library’s search engines. Qualitative data of the user impression and reaction when operate with the VuFind interface will lead to recommendations for enhancement and improvements. Findings will assist implementers to modify the discovery layer by meeting users’ needs of the academia community. The research will collect data through qualitative method on how participants operate with the VuFind search engine merging librarians’ professional views and users’ expectations and propositions. Participatory Design (PD) will be built upon Future Workshop method.

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