Dear colleagues, don´t spam me through e-mail. : A qualitative study of what happens when you introduce a digital medium to an organization that will be used for internal communication.

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Avdelningen för medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap

Author: Madelene Karlsson; [2019]

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Abstract: This study is about what happens when you introduce a new digital medium that will be used for internal communication at a small company called Metodicum. Metodicums employees are located in different geographical locations in Sweden and they are therefore prevented from having short informal meetings. By introducing the tool Slack for the company, there is therefore a new level of communication that they have not used before, except for E-mail. The study was conducted with interviews and nethnography as the method, netnography in order to be able to make a more observational analysis that takes place in the medium Slack and interviews to know how the respondents themselves experience about the medium. Part of the conclusion in this study is that it is necessary to introduce a strategic internal communication plan in connection with the use of Slack. This study is therefore beneficial for companies that want to start using Slack and want to know the risks, benefits and disadvantages before it is introduced. The study has been based on established theories that exist within organizational communication, but also models that demonstrate that social interaction is required to increase the motivation among employees. Slack has helped to reduce the distance between offices and made it easier to discuss practical administrative tasks that employees would otherwise not have mailed over. Because the e-mail is perceived as a formal medium where one is communicated about the most important thing with customers and suppliers. More communication has therefore arisen and the employees feel that they can talk in a more easy and informal way through Slack. Slack also offers another level of communication that my respondents do not feel they have previously had. The communication tool provides a quick communication that allows the employees to chat with each other and they feel that it is easy to send away a quick message that they quickly get an answer to. However, there are risks with Slack, the risk is that the employees are interrupted in their duties and that the notification creates stress.

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