Learning to see as an architect: Actions and semiotic resources in critique sessions

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: This study investigates so called critique sessions at a school of architecture. The questionsaddressed and answered in this study are: How are students and professionals interactingduring a critique session? How are problems of understanding solved during a critiquesession? And, how can a 3D-model be used to present a project in a critique session?The study has its foundation in the naturalistic tradition of studying talk-in-interaction andethnomethodology. This foundation is represented mainly on the works by Charles Goodwin.The study makes use of video-recordings as a primary source where interaction andencompassing activities occur.The analysis concerns the collaboration between students and professionals in the act ofjointly making a city-planning project understandable by interaction done by a range ofsemiotic resources. This raises the question of how interaction is performed during critiquesessions. In the first part of the study two-dimensional sequential pictures are used, and in thesecond part of the study the entering of a perspective is done by the use of a 3D-model. Byusing such a tool, actions take place inside a virtually constructed spatial context. The studyinvestigates how moving about inside such a closed space is performed, and how pointing isdone within the space.The results of the study are discussed in relation to the theoretical framework of the study.Questions debated about in the discussion are how a perspective can be used to facilitateunderstanding, in what way problems are solved during critique sessions and how a 3D-toolcan be used to present a project during a critique session. This is then related to how this3technology can be utilized in presentation of projects and how the results relate toprofessional vision.

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