UWB Antennas for Wall Penetrating Radar Systems

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Radio Center GävleHögskolan i Gävle/Institutionen för teknik och byggd miljö

Abstract: Basic properties and new design principles of ultra wideband Vivaldi antennas are presentedand discussed in this paper. The focus will be on the modeling of Vivaldi antenna design curves, by which it is constructed; its simulation results, realization and the measurements. According to the aim of this research the discussion starts with the review of the previous researches done for Vivaldi antennas. Introductory part of the report also contains the problem description for the current project and the classification of the goals to be achieved. As a theoretical review, the discussion initiates with the definitions anddescription of basic parameters of the antennas and covers a short presentation of UWBpulse-based radar system. The attention will be focused on UWB signals behavior and characterization, their propagation principles and basic troubles stands nowadays. As anapplication the wall penetrating Radar systems will be considered. The major part of thereport holds on the investigation of the design principles of Vivaldi Antenna andoptimization of the key parameters for achieving the best performance for radar. Theending part of the report shows the simulations and measurement results and theircomparisons following with conclusions/discussions. The report will be supportive for the antenna designers, who work for UWB systems andparticularly for Vivaldi antennas, as long as there are showing up detailed descriptions ofVivaldi antenna characteristics depending on its shape and substrate properties. The modelfor designing Vivaldi antennas, given in this project, can successfully be applied for almostall the cases used in practice nowadays.

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