Detect misconnected Telia customers in the network

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Author: Ceder Emil; [2015]

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The project consists of creating a program that can detect fiber customers that has been misconnected on the switch connecting them to the Telia network. The program will be able compare what customer is configured on the port against the customer who has received and the Telia router connected to the port. If there is a mismatch then there is a chance the customer has been misconnected.

The comparison can be done because the unique serial number of the Telia router is both registered in the session database over active Telia routers and also in the database of products delivered to customers. This will only work on customers with Telia routers, but it will still be helpful as it would give an indication of what switches might have misconnect customers. If there is one misconnected customer on a switch there is likely to be more.

The program was created with MySQL and PHP in the form of a web tool. The program can be run against certain switches or the program can be run against all active Telia routers and look for mismatches.

To make the program work it required access to the session database over active Telia routers, the database over customer configuration on the port and the database over Telia routers sent to customers. These are three different systems and because of the time constraint only a part of the data was used or retrieved from testing environments.

With the available data the program could do the comparison against 8627 customers and of those 303 customers had a mismatch in the comparison. This does not necessarily mean that all of them are misconnected. In most cases it was another person in the household receiving the Telia router than the person that was signed up on Telia services. This could be sort out by ensuring that the person receiving the Telia router also was signed up to a Telia service. This left 57 customers out of the 303. Out of those 57 customers a part of them had special services and some had split the services on two persons in one household. After sorting them out manually there was around 15 customers left who was likely misconnected

There is still no way to be certain those 15 customer are misconnected, however there a possibility they are and if there are several mismatches on a single switch it is certainly worth investigating further as it is a large possibility there are misconnected customers.

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