Extending the Stream Reasoning in DyKnow with Spatial Reasoning in RCC-8

University essay from Linköpings universitet/KPLAB - Laboratoriet för kunskapsbearbetningLinköpings universitet/Tekniska högskolan

Abstract: Autonomous systems require a lot of information about the environment in which they operate in order to perform different high-level tasks. The information is made available through various sources, such as remote and on-board sensors, databases, GIS, the Internet, etc. The sensory input especially is incrementally available to the systems and can be represented as streams. High-level tasks often require some sort of reasoning over the input data, however raw streaming input is often not suitable for the higher level representations needed for reasoning. DyKnow is a stream processing framework that provides functionalities to represent knowledge needed for reasoning from streaming inputs. DyKnow has been used within a platform for task planning and execution monitoring for UAVs. The execution monitoring is performed using formula progression with monitor rules specified as temporal logic formulas. In this thesis we present an analysis for providing spatio-temporal functionalities to the formula progressor and we extend the formula progression with spatial reasoning in RCC-8. The result implementation is capable of evaluating spatio-temporal logic formulas using progression over streaming data. In addition, a ROS implementation of the formula progressor is presented as a part of a spatio-temporal stream reasoning architecture in ROS.

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