Is the EU At Its Edge of Migration Policy? : A qualitative case-study related to European studies with a focus on migration agenda.

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för samhälls- och kulturvetenskap (from 2013)

Abstract: Abstract: This thesis consists of a case study on textual analysis derived from the European Union database regarding Migration Policy implemented in the year 2015 with new external policies in conjunction to tackle the Migration Crisis (EU15).  The framework of this thesis focuses on the EU:s Migration Agenda’s efficiency with an exemplification of its Member States like Sweden. To identify the obstacles, i.e. the strengths and weaknesses the policy area faces, and the opportunities that can be of benefit from this agendas, if the EU was to encounter another crisis again.      Furthermore, I present previous scholars' research and depict the theories used in this case study which are; securitization, the concepts of Institutionalism: solidarity, and harmonization. Afterwards, I present the current migration policy derived from the European Agenda issued in the year 2015 and also present the document regarding the progress under the European Agenda On Migration (an illustration between the years 2015 → 2018) issued in the year 2018 and illustrate a comparison towards a Member State; Sweden's result on migratory flow derived from the Swedish Migration Agency.       Then, I analyze my observations on these documented agendas by identifying what I observe to be the strengths and the weaknesses, and also justify what I observe can be used as a strategic tool towards the subduing of a future migration crisis if we were to face a migration crisis again in Europe after the 2015 crisis.        Lastly, I conclude my case study with further insight on what I acknowledged from my framework regarding the EU efficacy and characterize some concepts I find essential towards strengthening within the institution. Thus, give commentary on what I would have touched more on, but possibly can be of a benefit for further studies for any scholar interested in the EU Migration Policy.  Keywords:   EU Agenda on Migration Policy, Migration Policy, Security, Mobility,                              EU Migration Crisis 2015,  EU External Policies,                          Integration with non-EU countries.

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