SKILLED MIGRANT SITUATION ON THE LABOUR MARKET : How do the Difficulties to Find a Job in Their Professional Field Affect The Job Search Motivation for Skilled Migrants?

University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi; Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

Abstract: This thesis describes the current situation on the Swedish labour market as many skilledmigrants have problems to find a relevant job. It explains the barriers for employment, aswell as the support mechanisms used to help the integration on the labour market. Particularfocus lies on the job search motivation, and how do the difficulties to find a job in arelevant professional field affect the job search motivation, and what are the reasons forthese effects. Thematic analysis is used to find recurring themes in the data collected from 5 semistructured interviews, 2 questionnaires and 1 additional interview from an employeeworking with the skilled migrants. Empirical findings show, that the respondents feel that local companies prefer localemployees, and that the migrants ascribe their difficulties to find a relevant job position todiscrimination, as it is common that they get rejected without being able to meet thecompany’s representatives in person. Countless rejected applications are causing feelings offrustration, hopelessness and the migrants’ doubt their ability to find a relevant job, whichleads to decreased job search motivation and underemployment. Furthermore, therespondents are rather motivated by extrinsic motivational factors than intrinsic motivators.However, the findings show that they believe that the job search becomes easier withaccumulated experience and that the difficulties with finding the right job makes therespondents more committed to the attained job. Finally, the authors formulate suggestionsfor further research. KEYWORDS: labour market integration, skilled migrants, job search motivation

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