A Peek at the Position of Pedagogical Aspects in Usability Evaluation of E-learning System - A Literature Review of Usability Evaluation of E-learning System conducted since 2000

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: Usability has been a hot topic for many years, adding a new dimension when the World Wide Web was introduced and adopted. Many studies have been made on usability evaluation methods in many specific areas, however not so much in E-Learning systems (Ardito et. al, 2006). This study is a report of a literature review of several usability evaluation methods for E-learning systems conducted from year 2000. This paper tries to summarize and compare all of these studies to see how the “pedagogical aspects” or criteria has been treated when performing such evaluations, as well as present a summary of all the usability evaluation methods (UEMs) that have been used in these studies. At last, this paper tries to explain how the current situation happens. The main purpose of the review is to draw a picture for further researcher who is going to look into the field of UE for E-Learning systems.

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