Producing Transmedia Stories - A Study of Producers, Interactivity and Prosumption

University essay from Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: This master thesis aims to identify the production processes within the contemporary creative industries, and in particular one field of culture and media production called transmedia. This thesis focuses on one particular aspect of transmedia – interactivity and participation. The questions that are investigated are: How does transmedia producers use interactivity? Does transmedia and interactivity change the production conditions for producers, and if so, how and why? The aim of this thesis is to get an understanding of the working conditions within the context of transmedia for producers and in extension for the consumers. Through this, the intention is also to create a better understanding of the role of transmedia within the contemporary creative industries.The methods used to examine this are based on qualitative research interviews with six transmedia producers and participatory observations of the documentary film project Ghost Rockets. By using a theoretical framework based on interactivity, participation, Marxist theories and Critical Theory this thesis comes to the conclusion that transmedia producers strive for interactivity but that full interactivity rarely is achieved. The use of interactivity and transmedia also leads to changing working conditions for both producers and consumers. These changes include a blurring of the roles of producers and consumers and that both producers and consumers are working for free.

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