Usability and User Experiencein Mobile App Frameworks : Subjective, but not Objective, Differencesbetween a Hybrid and a Native Mobile Application

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Lina Andersson; [2018]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: The native framework has been seen, in both research and industry settings, asthe best framework for mobile development in many aspects, if it is comparedto the hybrid framework. Often the technical differences are of interest andthe usability and user experience aspects have not been fully covered. In this paper usability is tested by looking at quantitative data from usertests and the user experience is tested by using qualitative data frominterviews. The results from 20 users tests show that the usability is thesame between the frameworks, while the user experience points towards a favorfor the native framework due to its more familiar look and feel. Thus, there is a subjective, but not objective, difference between theframeworks.

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