Subversive Eating: Hegemony and counter hegemony in Swedish dietary politics

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: Moving between hegemony and counter hegemony this thesis adds to the field of food politics by contributing to a further understanding of current hegemonic relations within this topic and counter-hegemonic theory in general. In the form of an interview study it draws upon the narratives of radical leftist activists in Lund and Malmö in order to outline a hegemonic framework within food politics in Sweden. By arguing that contemporary dietary hegemony is constituted by discourses that produce specific body ideals and eating disorders, the author suggests that hegemonic reality plays into an agenda of subjective differentiation; safeguarded by societal systems such as capitalism, sexism, racism and speciesism. Moreover, the workings of power are examined in order to conceptualize how hegemonic norms are enforced, as well as to provide a theory of agency that fits counter-hegemonic goals. Finally, the thesis consults the interview narratives in providing examples of counter hegemony within this hegemonic framework. The argument states that counter hegemony is possible, but characterized by ambivalence and paradoxes.

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