What made you a Love phobic or Passion craver? : The influence of Love Experiences and Attachment patterns on Attitudes of Love

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Psykologiska institutionen


The purpose of this study was to examine possible links between relationship beliefs (Implicit Theories of Relationships and Importance of intimacy and passion), love experiences (experience of Intimacy and Passion) and attachment styles (the dimensions of Avoidance and Anxiety), in order to predict what kind of experiences and attachment patterns, would lead to which belief. A survey consisting of four different measures was filled out by 165 participants. The results showed Destiny and Growth beliefs were both predicted by Attachment avoidance. Destiny belief was also predicted by Experience of passion. Importance of passion and Importance of intimacy were both predicted by Attachment anxiety, Importance of passion by Experience of passion and Importance of intimacy by Experience of intimacy. People with different levels of Implicit Theories of Relationships showed a significant difference in Importance of passion.

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