Resource planning in a multi-project organization : A case study at Sanmina in Örnsköldsvik

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Programvara och system

Author: Marcus Jonsson; [2016]

Keywords: resource; planning; multi-project;

Abstract: To plan resources for multiple parallel projects is not an easy task, this has been experienced at a contract manufacturing company called Sanmina in Örnsköldsvik where this thesis work was performed. The aim of this thesis was to identify the problems with the resource planning process used today and to come up with a feasible solution. Different factors such as routines, formalization, time resources and opportunities for recuperation was also investigated to see if a solution to the identified problems could be used to decrease the amount of perceived psychological stress reactions. The thesis was divided into three phases, a pre-study phase, an implementation phase and an evaluation phase. In the pre-study phase a series of interviews was performed to get a better understanding of the current problems and this knowledge was then used to see if any existing tool for resource planning could be used. No tool was found that fulfilled all the requirements. In the implementation phase a new tool was developed with the requirements found in the pre-study. In the evaluation phase this new tool was tested in workshops on faked projects and then evaluated in the form of interviews with the attendees. The conclusion from this evaluation is that this new tool will in fact reduce the perceived amount of stress in the studied case at Sanmina in Örnsköldsvik. To be able to verify that this is the case for any multi-project organization a much more extensive evaluation would have to be done with real projects in different companies in different trades.

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