“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” How a consumption community of climbers contributes to the development of a new market

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: Research on market system dynamics reveals that consumers can play an active role in thedevelopment of a market. However, most studies cover contexts where existing markets arequestioned by consumers who want new taste structures. Adopting an ethnographic inspiredapproach, this article examines how consumers engage in the formation of a new market fuelled bythe desire of a new lifestyle. I address this issue in the context of the climbing tourism market inBohuslän, Sweden, and its evolution during the last two decades with emphasis on the role of aconsumption community. Drawing on the perspective of market system dynamics, I describe theformation of the climbing market with focus on the role of the Bohuslän climbing community as theentrepreneurial force. The article shows how the institutionalisation of the community, the movementof climbers to the area and the embeddedness of the community into the society were importantdimensions for the entrepreneurial activities, the market formation and the challenges encountered. Itis argued that this type of community, located in the intersection between consumption, production,local society and politics, illustrates how passion and lifestyle issues may count during marketdevelopment.

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