The curious Bagatelle of Care and Authority

University essay from Konstfack/Industridesign

Author: John Andersson; [2022]

Keywords: Care; Authority; Design; Architecture;

Abstract: How do care and authority relate to each other, and why is the relation between them important to understand for architects and designers? By experimental modelling and experimental thinking this project tries to understand how the caring for different matters in the design process affect the results and consequences of care. The text draws parallells to early aviation pioneers and how a shifted focus from sheer power to manoeuvrability served them their success.  Through the development of a curious wood treatment technique, and through it’s imagined applications to homes, mainly in large scale housing projects, this project searches eagerly for answers on matters related to care, authority, responsibility, a reasonable degree of rationality, standardisation, the role of the architect and the role of the designer.

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